Giovanni Damico


Giovanni Damico is a Musician, Dj and Producer from Italy Owner of the label White Rabbit Recordings and a very prolific production machine, Giovanni has built his name through the years, releasing lots of records on some of the great underground labels like Lumberjacks in Hell, Faces, Landed, Skylax, DeepArt Sounds, Ragrange, Seven Music, Geography, 12 Records, Artful Division, Black Key, Bordello A Parigi and so on. His records have landed in the best stores of the globe and have been played and supported from many respected djs like Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers, who often has inserted giovanni's music in his monthly mixes called "Mr. Fingers Mix". Sharing the stages with artists like UR, Vakula, Patrice Scott, Legowelt, Fudge Fingas, Gold Panda, Roman Flugel, Hnny, Session Victim and more, Giovanni showed his great skills as DJ hitting many events through Europe in the last years. During his performances you can feel all the passion and music culture that Giovanni developed in his career with sounds that ranging from funk, soul and disco to house music in its various shades, exclusively played on vinyl.

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