Dan Piu aka George Btp

(Allstarr Motomusic)


George is the Founder and CEO of deepArtSounds. Since his early childhood in Zurich, music tapes have been his favorite toys. His older sister’s interest in Disco music has played a key role in the growth of his love for soulful dance music. By 1987 he was much influenced by a Disco club in Zurich called Flamingo. This legendary club was possibly one of the first European clubs dedicated purely to House music. Since then, George begun to buy vinyl records and today he is well known for his depth background and for his huge knowledge in House & Disco music. Dan Piu’s record collection is extensive with well over 10,000 records to show for.

By the late 80ies, right after showing up in the Vinyl scene as collector, he started to deejay at different clubs in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Stimulated by his first success as resident DJ in the hottest Zurich clubs such as ‘2. Akt’ and ‘Toni Molkerei’, he also started to produce his own tracks on his self-founded label No Acting Vibes and Motomusic.

Specialized in using a variety of analogue synthesizers and analogue effects, Dan Piu’s productions were known for its pure and warm analogue sounds. “The Shine EP” released in 1996 followed by the “Limitless Expanses EP” the “Innercity Terror EP” and the “Quenchy EP” was not only the result of his passionate work during years behind the machines, but also a praise of recognized DJ’s (Freddy Fresh, Terry Hunter, Jeff Mills, Todd Sines, Carl Craig etc. just to mention a few) who put his records on their Top Charts.

In 2003, he decided to close his Label. It was obvious, the analogue sound of Motomusic and the live arrangement character were no longer adequate to the new digital world which became a big boost at that time.

Years later in 2006 he formed deepArtSounds a mix-podcast platform for local DJ's. Later in 2011 together with Okan Akpinar and his former Label partner Roberto Pistolese he initiated deepArtSounds as a vinyl label to release deep and soulful Housemusic by artists from all over the world as well as the own productions under the Project Name “Allstarr Motomusic”. In 2014 he contributed with his song "Little Trinidadian Girl" on Ernie's Top Label Minuendo. One year later in 2015 his first full EP "Beauty & Simplicity Vol. 1" under his new project name came out on Deep Explorer the brilliant Label from Madrid. Very quickly it found recognition to one of his musically idols Ron Trent.


Dan Piu aka George is without question a sound esthete. His sets are particularly emphasized by long mixes and fast changes of several music styles, burst with energy and personality, and are aimed at the dancefloor without losing sight of his fundamental sound values.

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