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Jesus Gonsev is no stranger to the art of making music. The troubled Kid is one of the key figures on the electronic scene in Spain and he truly influenced many in such different ways.

Jesus has got quite a few impressive things in the near past like his recent announced Various Artist contribution coming soon on deepArtSounds, his original EP "Love Stimulation" on 'Music with content' as well as some V.A.'s 12'' on prestigious labels like Batti Batti or Minuendo Recordings.

In light of this the new deepArtist has kindly taken the time to answer a few questions for us.

(Interview with George Btp)



1. Oh Jesus, 1st of all, why did you choose deepArtSounds as your new host label? 

I love & follow deepArtSounds since the very first release that was featured by my friend Ernie. deepArtSounds is definitively one of those label that acts and works from the soul and heart. They focus only the music without having that kind of business ideology in the backmind. I respect them a lot and I really feel honored to be part of this family.



2. You will contribute on the forthcoming EP "Codes of Sacrifice" on dAS with the dreamy beautiful song "Kiss my Eye", a collaboration with Sarignia Bonfa. How did this project happen and are some other songs in the pipeline between both of you? 

Originally it was an instrumental track that I sent to George. Sarignia really dig the song and she had the idea to convert it into a vocal song with her smooth voice. 
She wrote the lyrics during her Asia trip last year capturing all her feelings and impressions. The result is a dreamy elegant song that makes me feel proud.

We got then in mood to record another song together, a more classic deep house track. So you see.. it's something going on.  











3. Talking about the Spanish underground House scene there is no way around you and your label. Your impact is huge in all respects. How did Troubled Kids come about and what is the label philosophy behind?

We are four members Tito, Jairo Sanz and Diego Sanchez and of course me. Four friends that one day decided to set up a label to release music that we love.. preferably deep house.  Quality over quantity is the guiding principle of our label philosophy.


4. One thing that stands out about your music is the long and smooth mostly uninterrupted and hypnotic groove. How did you come to be that way? Are you influenced by a certain genre (e.g. Technomusic) that you grew up around or is it made just for the dancefloor in mind to get people dance? 

I have been always fascinated by afro American music & rhythms and I guess it is somehow always present while making music. But it's not just one genre that influenced me and my music. When I started to collect vinyl I didn't care about how it came from or how it used to be categorized.  Regardless of any backgrounds, I noticed that I felt very attracted by groove driven tracks combined with smooth and charming elements.

So these both attributes are still my drive when exploring and creating my own sounds.


5. How long it takes to finish a song (from the beginning to the end) and how do you know when enough is enough when making a track? 

Hmmmm, depends on my mood and inspiration.  Sometimes I can spend lots of hours without any interesting results. Then there are some special moments in the studio when everything comes to an end within just a few minutes.

It's important to work on you as well as being constant with that shit you are doing.

Suddenly an idea appears in your head during a studio session and even though I'm not in the mood to work longer on that, I always save them in order to use it for another work on a different day...you never know.

Knowing that all elements, keys and beats match each other, than you know you are on the right way and I really feel satisfied.


6. Looking at Juno's new arrivals I notice there is an overblown confusing jungle meanwhile. Especially young producer feel forced to release anything and everywhere and as quickly as possible. What would you advise to the young producer in terms of sound quality, hiring a label and all these things?

I recommend going slowly but surely. Think,.. you are what you release!   Having to many missteps in your discography can make you fall very quickly.  I currently have more than 20 unsigned tracks but I have no hurry to have them signed.  I always choose the labels very carefully.


7. Regarding this, how do you feel about your own back catalog? Do you think that you always took the right decisions? 

Hahaha (laughing), of course I'm not perfect either, and yes, I had some few missteps, but it's not different as our life. I'm always on a learning process.


8. Larry Heard is the proudcer that you admire and that you respect the most. Do you have a special connection to him? I have heard that he plays your stuff, especially one certain song. Can you tell us about?

In my view, Larry Heard is the master of House music. I own more than 50 records from him. He is one of the few producer who remains true to himself and his music.

I'm not directly in touch with him. However, when I had my first 12'' release 'So Deep' (House Café Music) it was Larry himself who support this and he played this over and over. I'm still very thankful, because it was very helpful back then. I decided to continue to work and trying to improve my music.


9. What makes a perfect DJ Set? Are your sets spontaneous or are they already directed in your mind to tell a perfect story to the audience? 

For me the most important thing of every set is the music. It's all about the music and nothing else.  Talking about the media, it's obvious that I prefer vinyl over the new digital medias. With vinyl I can feel much more dynamics and energy.

I like to entertain the audience by playing different styles of music. Not only classic and deep house, but also disco music, techno, afro or whatever.  I feel very bored by DJ's that do not dare to play interesting stuff. You know, even when they play solid house music but without any runaways I can get bored very quickly.


10. Can you mention five favorite classic House tracks' that you find yourself playing over and over again?

It is not easy because I could mention hundreds. Anyway, these are definitively one of my favs.


Mr Fingers- Can U feel it- Trax Records

Minimal Funk-Turn It To The House (Future Shock Mix) -Cleveland City Records

Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen ‎– Forever Monna-Balance

Tortured Soul ‎– I Might Do Something Wrong(Yoruba Main Mix)-Central Park 

Halo Varga-Future! -Siesta




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