Anthony Nicholson - Gravity LP


Release date:  November 2016

2 x 12'' LP Vinyl & CD

500 copies

dAS016LP / dAS016CD

Genre: Jazz, R&B, deep House

33 rpm



Side A)  "Miquifaye el Tema" feat. Cara Dawn

               "Imagine" feat. William Kurk


Side B)  "We'll Survive" feat. Chris Rob

              "Too Late" feat. Cara Dawn


Side C)  "Over & Over" feat. Felena Bumm


Side D)  "Under your spell" feat. Chestor Gregory


(CD contains 2 more Bonus tracks)

"Gravity" is his second album on Swiss quality imprint deepArtSounds. He once again sets his footprint firmly in the musical foundation, serving us 8 outstanding sweet soul tracks. The song Gravitation is a mixture of wicked playful Jazz and atmospheric Ambient interludes. On the other side, Anthony's cover version of John Lennon "Imagine" sounds already epic. He definitively never seems at a lack of musical ideas or emotions.

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