Sarignia Bonfá



The singer Sarignia Bonfá grew up in Thailand and with a huge love of music and performing. Her illustrious father is the inventor and founder of the legendary Full Moon Party in Ko Pha Ngan and still today a resident DJ in the island. It's not surprising that Sarignia got into electronic music at a very early age.

Her first step toward becoming a passionate singer was her first attempts in small club bars and in front of a small crowd, singing some cover songs. Later she was part of a choir which offered her the opportunity to try different music genres. She got then involved in several projects singing different kind of music such as Indie Pop, Soul and House music. She is also the lead singer of the indie band Smooth Attack alongside Popshop.

Her song "The Life Before" has been awarded by the very prestigious "MyCokeMusic Soundcheck" to be a top 5 song of the year. She is continuously working on herself and her music with a great dedication. Sarignia's smooth and elegant voice reflects this enormous passion for music. She greatly likes to work in the studio for some Vinyl projects contributing with her lovely vocals. Her voice has been remixed by legendary Producer Anthony Nicholson that was later released on Spanish Top Label Deep Explorer Music. There is coming a lot in the near future. Projects with Jesus Gonsev, Dubbyman and Allstarr Motomusic are just a few to mention.



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