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Tominori Hosoya


Some people are made to tell stories. Tominori Hosoya is one of those people but in a different way. Transforming memories into music is the base of every song he creates.

Although not as popular as he should be, Tominori is currently revered by connoisseurs as one of the most talented and ambitious Japanese Producer in the underground deep house scene. We caught up with Tomi for a short talk about his music and his forthcoming EP on deepArtSounds.


Tominori, how did you get in contact with deepArtSounds and why did you choose this label to release your music?
Well, actually it was George who contacted me during his long Asia Trip. He came over and he wanted to know some cool spots and record shops in Tokyo. We decided to meet each other, but unfortunately it did not happen, because I was very busy at that time. However, since then we stayed in touch and talked about our things that we were doing. To be honestly, I didn't know he was the man behind the lovely sounds of Allstarr Motomusic that I know since his latest Minuendo release. At the same time he also let me know, that he always kept an eye on my previous releases. So I spontaneously decided to send him some of my unsigned demo tracks which he really liked. He was full of ideas with the material I sent him. Finally we both decided to make a 4-tracker EP.
As a collector and follower of deepArtSounds it means a lot for me to contribute with an original EP on such a brilliant label where many House Legends appeared.


Your last original EP "Dear My Father", I guess you wanted to create something more personal that goes inside you and your feelings.  Does have your forthcoming EP "Recollections" a special meaning to you as well?
Yes in fact, it has a special meaning as well as I had with "Dear My Father".  2013 was the year when my father passed away and since then my music went thru changes.  Before, I always used 'Tomi Chair' as my artist name and I still do but only for the more cheerful productions.  Music as 'Tominori Hosoya' is definitively a more personal thing that strongly relates to my environment. It's about recollecting memories and past events. My forthcoming EP (called Recollection) on deepArtSounds tells about four of my precious recollections that I wanted to express musically and with all my warmness.










Tell me about the process of producing a track. Where do you get your inspiration? What are the first steps when you go do the studio and how to you do develop a track?
It depends on my mood. There is no special method or fixed procedure. Mostly I start with the drumming building around the synth pads and the bassline, followed by a piano solo. I mean, at the end it's all about fine tuning and replacing some sounds and creating that certain atmosphere. About all that, a song begins inside you. You know, the challenge is to transmit your feelings to the machines.  


You are a citizen of Tokyo a very vibrant city also in terms of music. Are you into a scene there as a DJ or do you prefer to keep your focus on your studio productions and spread them to the world? What are your goals to achieve in the near future?
The scene of Tokyo is infinitely large and mostly outstanding in terms of quality. I am just a little piece of this big movement that still is growing. I did several gigs in the past but at the moment I put my focus on my own studio projects as well as trying to set up my own label where I released 'Dear My Father'. I will be ready for DJ & live performance gigs again, as soon my homework is done.


Can we have an inside look of your current projects? What are you currently working on? What is actually going with your label?
There are many vinyl projects to come out in the near future which I can't announce them yet. There will be some very interesting among theme, not only original EP's but also remixes and additional productions and collaborations too. I got also involved contributing several various artist 12'' projects for which I really look forward. My main goal is to establish my own label. I have an almost finished V.A. 12'' coming out this year. You see, I am full with work!


Can you mention one song that you really admire and where you get your inspiration for your own productions?

Sure, I would say Haruka Nakamura - Faure feat. Uyama Hiroto is a good example. Their music is just fantastic and inspiring!

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